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Start by getting plenty of sleep the night  before. Tired and baggy eyes will show up in the final images. Makeup is probably the most critical part of your portrait session, even if you do not regularly wear makeup - or don't wear 'much makeup' - you need the appropriate amount applied for your portraits to look their best. We advise you wear your makeup in your normal style. Simply apply it slightly heavier than normal. Note: Avoid makeup with an SPF in it. Although it is good for your skin in the sun, the SPF tends to create a shine. You can further control shine by using a translucent powder. Consider bringing a brush, lipstick, and powder. Applying lipstick (even if you don't typically wear lipstick) will help your lips standout. Dry, chapped lips never look good in high resolution photographs!

Your hands will be in some of the images so consider doing your nails right before your portrait session. Along with that, kicking off your shoes can be a fun way to shake up the look of the images so you may want to get a pedicure too. Don't be caught by surprise with chipped or worn out nail polish!

No tan lines unless you plan to cover them up! We warn you not to over-do the tanning bed or sun. Your skin will have a natural luster and color if you let it rest from tanning for at least three days before your session. 

Your hair should reflect YOU, and your own style. Senior portraits are not the time to try new 'looks' for your hair that you normally do not do. Avoid changing your hairstyle or cutting your hair right before your session. Haircuts should be made at least a week before your appointment. If you color your hair, do not forget your roots! Highlights should be touched up approximately one to two weeks before your session. Also, feel free to change up your hair during your session-add accessories, pull it up, curl it (time permitting), and more!

Breakout Blues!
No need to fret; all of your finished portraits will be retouched so don't worry if your complexion breaks out right before your session.


Consider getting a haircut a few days before the session. On the day of the session, take a shower, shave and comb your hair. Get ready for the portrait session like you're planning to meet someone important or special. We totally understand that most guys don't want to change multiple times, but you should have at least one extra shirt and pants on hand. While we want you to wear clothes you feel comfortable in, keep in mind that your mom, grandmother and the rest of your family may want to display a few of the photographs from your session. Bring a comb and at least one reasonably conservative set of clothes so that everyone is happy!